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Spartacus is an animated feature film focusing on how human values and behaviour affect the world, but told from the point of view of the canine world. The film addresses many modern day concerns – homelessness, abandonment of pets, dog­fighting, environmentalism, the bond of family both biological and through community and the pursuit of freedom and justice.

The hero’s journey for Spartacus charts a very relatable theme for today’s viewers – an intense desire for personal freedom which masks the hero’s unwillingness to accept responsibility. Through the events of the film Spartacus is thrust into a position where he must take responsibility for not just his own life but for the lives of those that come to depend on him.

Building on the ancient legend of Spartacus the Gladiator, this animated feature would be a fascinating tale of fighting for freedom that would appeal strongly to the younger generation of today.

Length : 80′

Audience : Family

Market : International

Format : 3D + 2D

Language : English


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